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How to detect a lie

Self-study activity:

1. Get together with someone who also speaks English or record yourself answering these questions.

Have you ever been talking to someone and noticed that this person wasn't telling the truth? How could you tell this person was lying to you? Have you ever told a lie? Talk about someone you know who is fond of lying.

2. Watch the first part of the video and make a note of the three things you need to detect a lie.

3. Watch the rest of the video and put these steps in the correct order.

a Change the subject _____   b Check their smile _____   c Follow their eyes _____   d Note their posture _____    e Note their words _____    f Pause before responding _____   g Pay attention to details _____   h Teach your liar a lesson _____   i Watch their hands_____

4. How much do you remember? Answer the questions.

1 What does the note in the fridge say?
2 What do you think the liar did?
3 What does the liar take from his pocket?
4 What object does he put between them?
5 Describe the shirt the liar is wearing?
6 What percentage of Americans reported lying in a recent poll?

2. 1 a good ear; 2 good eyes; 3 a healthy scepticism
3. 1 Watch their hands; 2 Follow their eyes; 3 Note their words; 4 Check their smile; 5 Note their posture; 6 Pause before responding; 7 Pay attention to details; 8 Change the subject; 9 Teach your liar a lesson
4. 1 The note says: Hands off. 2 He took/ate some food without permission. 3 He takes a piece of paper with some notes from his pocket. 4 He puts a cup of coffee between them. 5 It’s a light-coloured striped shirt. 6 In the poll, 91% of Americans reported lying on a regular basis.

You can read the transcript of the video here.

This activity is adapted from an e-lesson from Global, MacMillan Publishers

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