We have been meaning to publish a blog for the That’s English! students for quite a long time. We have always regarded That’s English! as the perfect segment for this kind of teaching tool due to the intrinsic difficulties distance learning involves. Basically, students are left to their own devices to deal with a difficult language. So we thought that whatever extra bit we managed to put in to help them out would be worth it.

There were several reasons that have stopped us from doing so up until now: For one thing there seem to be a large number of excellent blogs and web sites for English learning at everybody’s fingerprints on the net; for another our lack of technical expertise; and last but not least the inner word that subtly warned us that this is really a time-consuming task which might add stress to our busy lives.

In the end, we have taken the plunge and made up our mind to start off My That’s English! The blog is by no means a substitute for tuition time or for the programme materials. We have simply wanted to make use of a technological device that can work as a kind of spotlight to draw attention to the hordes of learning opportunities existing on the internet, which might come in handy to supplement individual work. From this perspective, all kinds of students, not just those enrolled in That’s English!, will benefit from the blog.

As it was said before, this is not a parallel course that we are running here, although we have taken the That’s English! syllabus to help us structure and classify material. We figure it out as a hotchpotch where students will hopefully find interesting stuff that will motivate them to learn, and where different learning styles and degrees of proficiency in English are catered for.

Please do feel free to draw our attention to whichever problems you might come across when using My That’s English! Similarly suggestions to improve it are also welcome, both content-wise and as far as technology is concerned.

Thank you and safe trip