jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Marguerite and Sean's love story

The New York Times has a nice selection of videos, Vows, where a number of couples comment on the way they met.

This is the video of Marguerite and Sean. When Sean  invited himself over to try Marguerite's Singaporean chili crab, he got more than he expected as Marguerite's cat was sick.

Self-study activity:
No real task today. Try to understand as much as possible of everything that is said on the video: where they met; the problem with the cat; Marguerite's feelings and how Sean's reacted. It's a beautiful story, I think.

You can check with the transcript below.

The activity is suitable for (strong) intermediate students.

We met at a bar in Jersey city.
She told me that she put together recipes for single people, that she had a website for it. So I asked her what’s your favourite recipe. She told me it was Singapurean chili crab.
And he said really? Well then you have to cook that for me one day. I thought oh my gosh!
I think I said when can I  come over …to try that?
He wanted to come over. That’s right.
Our first official date... we decided to head back to Jersey city and have something to eat, but we got to my house it was clear that my cat was sick, most of  the hospitals closing were for the night so we couldn’t take her, so we stayed up all night petting the cat, just you know, talking to her, and the next morning we woke up she is just lying there.
Yeah, I checked and I said yeah I think she’s gone.
I remember I was here with someone I didn’t know him very well, and he’s holding me. I was really devastated because she passed but I was also kind of embarrassed because here’s a guy that I just met and I also felt really comforted because he was just such a rock. It’s kind of funny. You don’t think when you first meet somebody that you are going to know how to handle that or the worst things that could possibly happen to you. And by the first day I knew this is a guy who will be there for me no matter what happened, any of the bad things that happen in life he would be there.
Later that night he called to check on me to see how I was handling it and said well, I’d really like to see you again. And he said how about that Singapurean chili crab and I said Ok, I think I owe you this one, yes.