domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Extensive listening: Toughest place to be a bus driver

Toughest Place To Be A... is a BBC Two television documentary which offered various working or retired professionals in the United Kingdom a different and more challenging working environment in the same profession they worked in. These individuals travel to a foreign country to learn and work under the new environment for ten days. It was broadcast in February 2011.

In the Bus Driver episode London bus driver Josh West spends  two weeks learning to drive a jeepney - a colourfully decorated, adapted jeep which has no power steering, dodgy lights and an uncomfortable seat. He forms a strong bond with his host Rogelio Castro, moved by the daily struggle of an ordinary Filipino working to feed his family and lift them from poverty.

You can read the transcript for the first ten minutes of the programme here. Subbed from Ladislao Biondo on Vimeo.