viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

Australian quintuplets

An Australian mother of quintuplets has spoken to the BBC about the challenges of bringing up five babies.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below

1 How many babies have a really bad reflux?
2 What is Kim's biggest challenge?
3 What have the older children learnt?
4 How many nappies do they change a day?
5 How do they go to hospital appointments?
6 What is the probability of having quintuplets?
7 Who was with Kim when she was told she was expecting quintuplets?
8 How many babies migh have survived using the selection method?

Every mother, Kim, knows about the juggling act because every mother has to do it. But we can only begin to imagine yours. How do you do it?
Oh… I just… I have to, so I get up and I'm on a mission. I'm ready to just take on the day, so whatever is thrown at me I just… I embrace it and I just do what I need to do.
What sort of things are thrown at you? Is it all the babies crying at once?
Yep, yep, so they can all cry at once. We have three with a really bad reflux. It's like they're all in sync. When one cries, the next one cries and so on and so on and so on. So our house is absolutely wild but we're enjoying it.
I’m pleased to hear you say that. You must be really tired?
I'm so tired, I'm… yeah. I'm really tired. I can't wait for bedtime.
And then you're probably woken in the night too, but do you have some help, Kim?
Oh, we have so much help. We're so appreciative of everyone that steps in and, you know, it has… it’s, it's taken a lot to get to where we are now and I, I really appreciate everyone that's offered their help and their support and, most of all, their love.
Kim, the babies are beautiful but so are you. You look wonderful, given you’re only a few months in. What do you think the biggest challenge is at the moment?
Um… for me the biggest challenge would be having to split myself into so many people just to give enough time and attention to everyone. Of course, my lovely husband who, you know, he’s supported me from day one. So he needs, he needs my time and attention too. So I think it's, it's just having enough time for everyone.
And what about your older children? How are they coping? Do they love the little ones or do they think they're getting all the attention and they're not getting enough?
No, they do love them but it has been a huge learning curve for them. They've had to learn to share mummy and share daddy and they've had to learn that, you know, the babies need a lot of time and they need a lot of attention.
Kim, have you done any of the maths around the babies like how many nappies do you change a week?
A week? I try not to do too much math because it becomes quite overwhelming but we do go through about 60 nappies in a 24-hour period.
That is incredible. And how do you get them outside, like what about the stroller or the car? 
Though we have two prams, a triple and a double, and we're fundraising on GoFundMe to find me at the moment for a car big enough to sit us all, so we've been going to hospital appointments in multiple cars just to… just to really get there, so it, it has been tough but the fundraising is going really well and we're hoping that in the next few days we'll have enough to get our van.
Kim, can you take us back to the moment when you found out that you were carrying the babies? Because I've already said it was a one in fifty million chance.  That feels incredibly special. I'm sure that some days you don't feel that, but what was your reaction when you discovered you had five babies?
Oh, I was… I was a mess to be honest. I didn’t know if I could… I was really up to the task. My husband came down to the ultrasound place and he basically told me we can do anything and he's had that attitude since day one and still till today he’s that very positive person. Without him I just… I wouldn't be able to do it.
What did the doctors tell you?
They basically told me that I could… I could use the selection method to give two babies the best chance of survival and… but it just wasn't something that we could personally do ourselves, so we took on the risks but it has all paid off today.
Kim, was there just something inside you and your husband that knew that you could do this, that this would be okay?
Yes, it was, it was meant to be. I think I loved them from the moment I heard their hearts beating and I accomplished my goal and I would do it all over again for them. I'm so in love with all my children.
I'm so pleased to hear it. Kim, one final question. Is someone putting their arms around you, looking after you as well?
Yes, yes, my husband does. I'm very, very spoiled. I had a lovely Mother's Day. I'm very looked after.

1 three 
2 to have enough time for everyone
3 to share mum and dad and that the babies need a lot of attention
4 sixty 
5 in multiple cars
6 one in fifty million
7 her husband
8 two