sábado, 1 de octubre de 2016

English with Jo

English with Jo is a site where English learners, especially those at intermediate and advanced levels, will have the opportunity to gain access to a large number of speaking and vocabulary resources.

By clicking on the Conversation Lessons tag students will find a trove of over 100 self-contained lessons around general interest topics which usually come up in both English exams and in the classroom (toys and games, homes, censorship, singlehood, parenting, artificial intelligence, household chores, and so on).

All the lessons keep to the same layout:
a short video to introduce the topic
some basic vocabulary to talk about the topic
a comprehensive questionnaire to talk about the topic

Other sections of the site are 'Word of the Day', 'Idiom of the Day', 'Phrasal verbs', Useful vocabulary'.

All in all Australian teacher Jo has put together an invaluable resource that might come in handy for both teachers and students.