sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016

Reading test: Phil Collins marks comeback with European tour

In this week's reading test we are going to practise the 'insert the sentence' kind of task. To do so, we are going to read the BBC article Phil Collins marks comeback with European tour.

Read this text and choose the best sentence (A - K) for each gap. Three of the sentences do not correspond to any of the blanks. Gap 0 is an example.

A - after 10 years – 0 Example
B - after nerve damage
C - at which Nicholas played drums
D - his other hits include One More Night and Another Day In Paradise.
E - that enjoyed more UK top 40 singles than any other artist of the 1980s
F - to go out on the road, do some new things
G - which included the hit single In the Air Tonight
H - whose hits include In The Air Tonight and Against All Odds
I - will happen
J - will take place
K - would fill in for his dad on tour

Rock veteran Phil Collins is coming out of retirement (0) … with dates in London, Paris and Cologne. The star, (1) … , will play a five-night residency at London's Royal Albert Hall next June. That will be followed by two dates in Paris and two in Cologne.
Collins announced his retirement in 2011, (2) … left him unable to play the drums, but revealed last year he planned to go on tour. Although he has recovered some dexterity, he said he was unlikely to sit behind the kit on the new tour.
The star, now 65, said he would practice the iconic drum riff to In The Air Tonight on "a drum kit in the garage" as that was "something I feel I should do”. However, he said his 15-year-old son, Nicholas, (3) … .
Collins made a tentative return to the stage at a one-off show for his Little Dreams Foundation last year, (4) … "and all the band were very impressed". The star also sang two of his hits at the opening of the US Open tennis in New York in August.
"I thought I would retire quietly," Collins said. "But thanks to the fans, my family and support from some extraordinary artists I have rediscovered my passion for music and performing. I changed my mind. I'm living with my young kids and they want me (5) … and there's no reason why not."
Collins first came to prominence as the drummer and then frontman of Genesis. He made his solo debut with his 1981 album Face Value, (6) … . But the star played down his image as a 1980s soft-rock balladeer.
The Royal Albert Hall concerts (7) … on 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 June. The Cologne dates take place on 11 and 12 June with the Paris dates the following week. Tickets go on sale on 21 October. Collins's memoir Not Dead Yet: The Autobiography will be published later this week.

1H 2B 3K 4C 5F 6G 7J