viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

English Grammar Secrets

We have already mention English Grammar Secrets on this blog when referring to some specific grammar point.

I think it is only fair to let everybody know about this site by Caroline and Pearson Brown. Below you will find the grammar topics which are dealt with on the site. There is a theoretical introduction to each point with some examples. Then a number of interactive exercises of varying difficulty follow. We are always provided with an answer to the different tasks.

English Grammar Secrets is an excellent online grammar-cum-activities site.

Present Continuous
Present Simple
Present Simple or Continuous
Past Simple
Past Continuous
Past Simple or Continuous
Irregular Verbs
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect or Past Simple
Past Perfect
Past Perfect Continuous
Past Review 1
Past Review 2
The Future - Going to
The Future - Will
Will or Going to
The Future - present forms
Will - other uses
The Imperative
The Passive
The -ing form
Should 2
Must /Have to
Zero Conditional
First Conditional
Second Conditional
Third Conditional
Had better
Used to
Questions 1
Questions 2
Question tags
Reported speech
Reported speech 2
Suppose 2
Have something done
Should have
Can have / could have
Will be doing
Will have done
Vocabulary Lessons