martes, 26 de junio de 2012

A teleconference

A teleconference is a video lesson which is part of Business Result, Oxford University Press. The activity is intended for upper-intermediate students, but I think that students at an intermediate level will be able to do it successfully.

Self-study activity:
If possible, get together with an English-speaking friend or relative and discuss the questions below.
What is a teleconference?
Have you ever used teleconference or videoconference technology for meetings?
What is the main advantage of this kind of meeting?
What are some of the disadvantages?

Now watch the video an answer these questions:
1 Where are Sabine and Sanjit? What is the time difference in their locations?
2 Who has some technical difficulties at the beginning?
3 What are the two main points of the agenda?
4 How does Matt deal with Sabine and Sanjit talking at once?
5 Why is there a delay for the Intranet to ‘go live’? What new date do they agree on?
6 What is the first thing David wants to discuss about the website?
7 What does Sabine still want to discuss at the end?
8 What does Matt suggest to Sanjit at the end?

You can read the transcript here.

1 Sabine is one hour ahead in Germany. Sanjit is in Hong Kong where it’s midnight.
2 Sanjit.
3 Progress update on the Intranet and to discuss the website.
4 He stops them talking and asks Sabine to speak first and then Sanjit.
5 Because of problems with the discussion board. The new date is the 30th.
6 The customer contact page.
7 The contract.
8 He should go to bed.