martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Around the town

Around the town is another video in the Richmond vodcast series. This video clip is suitable for Básico 1 and Básico 2 students.

Self-study activity:
Watch the beginning of the video clip but freeze it at 1.00. What’s the mission for Tom and Alex?
Play the video on. Tom will show you a piece of paper with their mission written on it.

How much does Alex pay for the ice-cream?
How much does Tom pay for the chips?
What evidence of the places in Bournemouth do Tom and Alex get?

Watch the video again. Note down some of the street directions that both Tom and Alex are given.

The ice-cream is £1.60
The portion of chips is £1.90
Tom got a brochure from the theatre, a brochure from the post office and chips ("and I popped my chips" he says).
Alex got a postcard from the tourist information office, a leaflet from the cinema, and the ice-cream.

So go straight, straight through to traffic lights and then turn left.
Straight to traffic lights and it’s on the left.

Round to the left. Go through the garden. Up the stairs in that corner.  It´s just long down on your left.

The lady said left at the lights and this is the theatre, this, this isn´t the theatre, this is an art centre.

I see an “I”, I see an “I”, Tom. Number one. Done

It´s opposite the gas building.
Brilliant. Thank you.
No problem at all.
So it´s opposite that building in the distance. Come on.

I’m just going go and cross the road at the traffic lights and the cinema is just there.

Hi can I have a “soft wheel”?
With or without flavour on it?

Seen the post office mate? Looking for…