miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Talking point: Talent or hard work

In late November last year The Learning Network of  The New York Times posed a question in the Student Opinion section: Which Is More Important: Talent or Hard Work?

These are some of the questions they wrote about the topic to jog their readers' mind, which you can also use as a springboard to discuss the topic with the members of your talking group.

Have you experienced the power of talent over hard work? 
Or have you found that success comes from putting in the most time and effort to achieve it?
How have you seen the talent/dedication equation play out in studies, sports, work or any other field in which individuals are compared?

Did the person with the most real or perceived “natural talent” also work the hardest?
How did a person of average ability improve over time?
Did the improvement make him or her “the best” or did those most naturally gifted still prevail?
What do you think of the idea that “practice makes perfect”?

To gain further insight into the topic, you can also read The New York Times article by David Z. Hambrick and Elizabeth J. Meinz Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters,

David Plunkert