jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Oscar Pistorius video activity

In the last few days Larry Ferlazzo has been publishing a number of posts on South-African athlete Oscar Pistorius. As a matter of fact, Larry has compiled a list where you can find photos, videos, articles, interactives from several media about this astounding sportsman.

The two videos here are taken from Larry's list.

Self-study activity:
Watch this short ABC video on Oscar Pistorius and answer the questions below about it.

1 What's Oscar Pistorius' nickname?
2 In what sense is Oscar a pioneer?
3 What has been Oscar's life-long ambition?
4 How long has Oscar lived without legs?
5 Why didn't he run in the 2008 Olympics?
6 Why do some people feel Oscar will be at an advantage in the race?
7 What did Oscar tweet today?

To check your answers, you can read the transcript below.

To complete the information on Oscar Pistorius you can watch this Nike ad on him.


They told me that I'd never walk. That I'd never compete with other kids. It wasn't in me to play water polo. They told me I'd never make the team. They told me the choir was trying out next Tuesday, that motocross wasn't for people like me. And the man with no legs, can't run. Anything else you want to tell me?

Now to history in the sports world tonight. The South African sprinter known as the blade runner has shattered another barrier. He’s the double amputee who’s been proving doubters wrong his entire life running and winning races using blades for feet. Today he learnt he will be the first amputee to race in the Olympics.
Today Oscar Pistorius moved one carbon-fibre step  closer to his Olympic dream. The twenty-five-year-old South-African known as the fastest man with no legs has spent years struggling to be accepted as a runner without a handicap. That’s despite being a double amputee who rockets round the track on cheetah-flex speed.
The legs are not giving me an unfair advantage. If they can prove they give me an advantage, I won't run anymore.
Pistorius was born without cap bone. Before he was one both legs were amputated below the knee. He was told he would never walk. But he’s done that and so much more, shattering expectations and records. In 2008 he wasn’t allowed to run in the Beijing Olympics. When that decision was reversed, he failed to qualify. This summer here in London he will finally get two shots at gold, running in the individual 400 metre race and the 4x400 metre relay.
It’s certain that the argument is there that this is unfair because he’s the bionic man. If this were that unfair, he would be winning gold medals in world record time. This is about inclusion for an athlete who deserves it, who has been shunned in the past because of his disability.
Pistorius tweeted today saying this is one of the happiest days of my life. He will face ferocious competition on the track here, he  may not win, but he will have the entire world watching in awe as he tries.