jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Olympic Park

Jonathan Edwards gives us an update of the progress of all of the venues on the Olympic Park on a video which first appeared in the Learning English Teens section of The British Council.

If you drop by the Learning English Teens section of the British Council you will find a worksheet on the video, with step by step activities which focus on both vocabulary and listening comprehension.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and say what the following figures and phrases refer to in the video.

half a million

You can read the transcript here or download it from The British Council, and you can find dozens of videos related to the Olympics together with daily summaries and updates of the competitions and events, some of which allow a CC option, on the  official Olympic Games webpage.

2005 is the year when it was announced that London would host the 2012 Olympics.
80,000 people -capacity of Olympic stadium.
The Olympic torch will be travelling for 10 weeks around the UK.
The stadium is surrounded by water on 3 sides.
The stadium can be accessed by 5 new bridges.
The Copper Box will seat 6,000 people for sport and concerts after the games.
The International Broadcast Center will house 20,000 of the world's media.
The two hockey pitches have a blue surface.
There are 4,000 new trees and half a million new plants in the north parklands.
23,000 athletes and officials will live in the Olympic village.
There are 11 blocks in the Olympic village
There are 18 other venues for the games where events will be held.
London 2012 will be the 30th Olympiad.