miércoles, 15 de agosto de 2012

Talking point: The end of a frienship

This week's talking point is once again taken from The New York Times Learning Network blog and deals with the topic of friends, or rather with the end of a friendship.

Sometimes good friends simply distance themselves from one another because interests change, social circles shift, a family moves away –these are just a few reasons a friendship might fall apart. Can you think of any other?

Who are your closest friends?
When and where did you meet them?
What makes a friend?
What do you expect from them?
Tell the people in the conversation group about one or more friends you once had but who you are no longer in touch with.
Why did the friendship(s) end?
What's the best way to "dump" a friend?
What is the best way to handle a friendship’s end?
What have you learned from your experiences or from witnessing other friends grow apart?

In preparation for your talking session you can read Alex Williams article in The New York Times It’s Not Me, It’s You, where he explores the topic of friendships coming to an end in the adult world.

Hadley Hooper