miércoles, 29 de agosto de 2012

Talking point: What can other schools learn from your school?

This week's talking point deals with the positive side of your school, and it is taken from The New York Times Learning Network.

Think about your [language] school –its routines, timetables, teachers, facilities, even traditions and unofficial habits that are all part of the average day.

How does it work?
How many teachers have you had?
How much time do you spend in class?
What's your favourite place at school?
Which room(s) have you discovered recently?
What happy (and not so happy) moments have you lived in your school?
What successful aspects of your school could other schools learn from your school?

To gain some insight into this topic before you get together with your conversation group to discuss your school, you can read David Brooks article in the in the Op-Ed piece of The New York Times “The Relationship School”.