martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

At a fancy dress shop

In a new installment of The Big Picture vodcast series, from Richmond Publishers, Tom and Alex try on various outfits for a fancy dress party they have been invited to.

The activity is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermedio 1 students.

Self-study activity:
Watch the introduction to the episode, where the presenter gives us the guidelines for today's episode. Complete the blanks in the transcript with the missing words:

Have you ever wanted to change your (1) ... ? Maybe grow a (2) ... or change your hairstyle. A fancy dress party is the perfect excuse to try a new (3) ... . Just for one evening you could wear an unusual (4) ... and be someone completely different, a famous person maybe or a historical (5) ... . Today, Tom and Alexandra are in a fancy dress shop trying to (6) ... their appearance. With over (7) ...  costumes to choose from, who will they be?

Now watch from 0.30 to 2.46. Which famous people and historical characters do Tom and Alexandra mention?

In the last part of the video clip (from 2.46 to the end) Tom and Alexandra play a yes/no game to try and guess who the other comes as. Listen to them and note down the questions they ask.

appearance 2 beard 3 look 4 costume 5 figure 6 reinvent 7 35,000

Chaplin, Batman, Henry VIII, Elvis, John Lennon, Tina Turner, Tony Branson

I think you might have chosen Tina Turner because you were singing that song earlier.
Have you come as Robin?
Has your person been in many films?
Are they alive?
Is it a woman?
Is it  Charlie Chaplin?

Are you a man or a woman?
Are you alive?
Are you from this century?
Are you Robin Hood?
Clue: I was a very jealous husband