viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

Lima Airport -video activity

Watch this Deutsche Welle video on the way Lima airport is organised and run by German operator Fraport.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and say whether the statements below are true or false.

The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

1 The firefighters at Lima airport are German.
2 Lima airport is the most important in South America.
3 315 passengers are on board the KLM Boeing.
4 1.2 million passengers go through Lima airport every year.
5 Passengers can use the VIP area at Lima airport for free.
6 The cargo sector in Peruvian economy amounts to 8%.
7 Asparagus is one of the most important ingredient in the Peruvian diet.
8 Peru has signed trade agreements with China, the EU and the US.
9 Lima airport has solved the problem of drug smuggling.

You can read the transcript below.

An emergency situation at Lima airport. The firefighters hit the gas pedal. Every second counts. Fortunately this is just a training exercise. The Fraport company has invested millions in Lima. It paid for the new fire trucks and the firefighters were also trained by experts from Frankfurt airport. Safety is a top priority for the German-Peruvian airport management. Jaime Daly, the head of Lima airport partners knows it's essential if the project is to succeed.
More safety and efficiency are the most important reasons why two foreign airlines Lan and Taca have chosen Lima as their hub. Our airport has become one of the most important in South America for passengers changing planes.
Shortly after five in the afternoon a KLM Boeing 777  lands in Lima on time. In two hours it will be leaving again for Europe, so preparation for takeoff has to go quickly. The plane landed with 350 passengers on board fully booked as is often the case. Lima’s passenger figures rose by around 1.2 million last year, making this airport one of the most successful Fraport projects outside of Germany.
Jan Laufs says being here ever since the company took over operating the airport in 2001. The German manager is responsible for the shopping facilities and advertising, a money spinning sector. He's proud of the new VIP lounge. Unlike at other airports any passenger can use it for a 45-euro fee.
The advantages that we offer are a twenty-four-hour service and the lounge is open to everyone. That means the airlines can save considerable amounts of money and so can the airport and its operator, and it means that in the end the passenger, the consumer, can enjoy top-rate service. We can offer slightly more service because more people are paying for it and that makes it cheaper for the individual.
The airline business has a credo that every passenger is a potential consumer. That credo applies in Peru as well. Fraport’s new restaurant and shopping facilities ensure that on average passengers spend twice as much as they did three years ago. The improved economy in Peru also plays a role. 8% economic growth is also good for the cargo sector. Asparagus is one of the country's most important export commodities. This plane will be flying some sixty tons of green asparagus to the United States. The cargo center is working at full capacity. Turnover is growing at a faster rate in Lima than anywhere else in South America.
The new free trade agreement with the US and the planned agreements with the EU and China will bring expected annual growth rates of around 20%, that's way above the global average.
But Peru still has to solve its drug smuggling problem. Lima has become a magnet for cocaine dealers in recent years, and experts say Peru has overtaken Columbia as the number one cocaine exporting nation. The airport has stepped up security in a bid to solve the problem. Fraport would like to see passengers’ luggage packed full of souvenirs, not only are they legal they also bring the airport operator and added income.

All the statements are false.