martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Madrid Teacher: Comparing apartments

In this Madrid Teacher video Thomas is asked questions about his new apartment by a colleague.

Self-study activity:
The activity is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermediate 1 students.

Watch the video through and try and understand as much as possible.

Vocabulary note: lounge is another word for sitting room in British English, as well as a public room in a hotel, theatre, or club in which to sit and relax [the hotel has a pleasant lounge and bar]. Another meaning of lounge refers to the seating area in an airport for waiting passengers [the departure lounge].

Watch the video again and answer these questions:
Is Thomas happy with his new apartment?
Which apartment is better, the new one or the old one?
Who does Thomas share his new apartment with?
Who did he share his old apartment with?
How old are the people Thomas is sharing his apartment with now?
How many bedrooms are there in the new apartment?
What do they use the lounge for?
Where did he work in his old apartment?

So, Thomas, I heard that you just moved to a new apartment.
I did.
And how is it, are you happy?
I’m very happy.
Mm-hm. Is it better than the old apartment?
It’s, It’s much better.
And why is it better? Is it bigger than the old apartment?
Not only is it bigger, but now I share it with people, with my friends.
Were you sharing and apartment before?
I was, and it was with someone whom I had not met before I started living there.
So, it wasn’t a friend, it was a housemate.
Yeah, it was an old woman.
OK. And, now you are living with young people.
Yes, I, as I said I’m living with my friends, a man and a woman about my age and with whom I share quite a lot.
Mm-hm. And how many bedrooms in your new apartment?
And do you have communal living space as well?
Oh, we have a, a lounge, a salon, quite large. It’s really a, a great spot. It’s always got people inside.
That’s good. What do you use the lounge for?
Basically everything, because our bedrooms are not very large, so I do my work on my computer at the kitchen table in the lounge. So, we also eat in the lounge. We watch TV. Sometimes we have social gatherings. We read on the couch.
And where did you do your work in your last apartment?
In my bedroom. My bedroom was basically my only space in my last apartment. In the new one, it’s all shared.
Sounds very nice.
It’s excellent.