sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2013

My American Friend: Podcasts for English learners

I discovered My American Friend a few months back, and I feel I should have let you know way earlier.

As it is stated in the About section of My American Friend, “my American friend” blog and podcast was born with a view of "learning English by using it to explore the American and European cultures, habits and lifestyle."

The Italian singer/songwriter Marta Innocenti and her American friend Cindy help us improve the language "while taking you into a pleasant journey on both sides of the Atlantic ocean."

My American Friend is the right podcast to improve your English and to learn something new about America and Europe. Listen to Marta Innocenti's conversations with her American friend Cindy. Every episode includes new words and expressions about a new subject.

Marta and Cindy have published 48 podcasts so far. The podcasts are just perfect, as they come together with transcription and detailed vocabulary notes. On top of that, they are manageable time-wise, under ten minutes each episode.

If your English level is intermediate or above, My American Friend is a good way of improving your listening and vocabulary skills in a stress-free way.