martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Madrid Teacher: Thomas telephone information

Thomas and a friend of his are making arrangement on the telephone for an evening out.
Listen to their conversation and answer the questions below.

The activity is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermedio 1 students.

1 Where's Thomas's friend going?
2 What are they going to do there?
3 What time does it start?
4 Why should Thomas get there early?
5 At what time?
6 How many people are going in total?
7 What time will Thomas's friend get there?
8 What underground line should Thomas take?
9 Where are they going after that?
10 Who has Brian invited?

To check your answers, you can read the transcript below.

Hey Thomas, how’s it going?
I’m alright. How are you?
Alright. Erm, hey, we’re going to the cinema later. Do you fancy coming along?
Right on, man, what are we seeing?
Well there’s the, er, latest Woody Allen film. Er, I think it’s called Whatever Works.
Oh, that’s with Larry David, right?
That’s right, yeah. [He’s] From Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Excellent.  I like that guy.
Yeah he’s cool. So… I think the film starts at six. Erm, I was going to say, can you get there before and get the tickets?
Yeah, what are you thinking, like, ten to six?
Erm, well, I think you probably need to get there a bit before, because, er… as it’s Saturday [it’ll] probably be a bit crowded. So if you can get there, maybe 5:30? And, erm-
Jeff and Sandra are coming, so, can you get four tickets?
You got it.
And we’ll give you the money when we get there.
I can’t get there till about ten to six.
That’s fine. So, I’ll see you there.
Listen, what’s the nearest underground?
Erm, Baker Street. It’s the, erm, Ideal Cinemas on, er, Marlow Street. I think it’s number sixteen or something.
[It’s] Just on the corner of, erm, Coventry Street.
What line goes through that?
Er it’s line, erm…the Baker line, Baker- Bakerloo Line.
Oh, yeah, of course. Right, right.
Er, OK. So, I’ll see you there. I’ll be there about ten to six, OK?
Yeah, erm, are going to go out afterwards? Should I wear something?
Yeah, you should, I mean, yeah, wear some clothes. Ha, ha. Yeah, we’ll go out later, yeah.
Good idea. I think, erm, Brian’s having a party later so we could-
Oh, excellent.
Yeah, his parties are always worth going to, aren’t they?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, I think he’s invited some nurses from the nursing college.
Oh, I know what to wear tonight.
Yeah, ha, ha.
Put your best doctor’s uniform on, yeah?
You got it.
Alright, OK. Well, I’ll see you later.
Yeah, take it easy.