martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Madrid Teacher: William's Personal Information Video

Bill, from, gives elementary students (Básico 1 and Básico 2) a good revision of wh- questions, yes-no questions and the present simple.

Just watch the video and follow his instructions to practise these grammar points.

Hi, I’m Bill Christensen and I’m from  This is an activity of elementary English.
I'm going to ask some questions, you right down the questions.
What's my name?
What date is today?
How old am I?
Where am I from?
Am I married?
Where’s my wife from?
What's her nationality?
How many languages does she speak?
How many languages do I speak?
How old is my wife?
How old am I?
What's my wife's job?
Do I have any children?
How many children do I have?
Does my wife have any children?
How many children does she have?
What does she do?
What do I do?
Does my wife like her job?
Do I like my job?

Hello, I’m Bill Christensen, from
Today is April 5th 2007.
I'm fifty-four years old.
I'm from three places:  Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Now I live in Madrid.
I’m married.
My wife is from Peru. She is Spanish.
I speak two languages, Spanish and English.
My wife speaks three languages, Spanish, English and Quechua.
My wife's age is… sorry, she has for children.
She works for the Spanish tax service.
She likes her job
I work for
I like my job. Students are fun, the people are nice.
It's very cold here because it's early spring.
I’ll be talking to you later. Bye!

Hello again. These are the questions and that the answers
What's my name?
My name is Bill Christensen.
What is the date?
The date if April 5th 2007.
How old am I?
I’m 54.
Where am I from?
I’m from Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Am I married?
Yes, I am.
Where is my wife from?
She's from Peru.
What languages do I speak?
I speak Spanish and English.
What languages does my wife speak?
She speaks three languages, she speaks Spanish, English and Quechua.
What's my wife's name?
My wife's name is Betsy.
How old is she?
I don't know.
What does she do?
She works for the tax service in Madrid.
What do I do?
I'm a teacher, I'm a teacher at 
Do I have any children?
No, I don’t.
Does my wife have any children?
Yes, she does.
How many children does she have?
She has four children.
Do I like my job?
Yes, I do.
Do I like being a tourist in Madrid?
Yes, I do.
But do I live in Madrid?
Yes, I live in Madrid.
Do I like accordion music?
Yes, I live accordion music very much.
Do I like bells?
Yes, I like bells very much.
It's a beautiful day today. Nice talking to you. Bye!