martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Madrid Teacher: Driving test

In our Madrid Teaher series, three teachers talk about the driving test and how difficult it was for them to pass it.

The teachers are very polite and respectful of turn-taking, so they don't really interrupt each other while they're talking. However, we can find some examples of functional language and communication strategies that can come in handy when we speak English.

- Reacting to what a person is saying: Oh! That's interesting! Oh dear! I bet. Oh no! Oh wow! Yeah, absolutely
- Fillers: Well; er
- Use of so as a linking word
- Involving listeners in the conversation: Do you think that people...

Now it's over to you. Get together with a friend and talk about your experience of getting your driving licence. What the test difficult? Did you find it difficult?

Try and use some of the functional language the Madrid teachers used.

I’m about to move overseas.
Oh that’s interesting.
Yeah. Exciting! But I have to take my driver’s test again. OK, to get a new licence.
Oh dear.
And I’m nervous.
I bet. Do you remember taking your driving tests?
I took mine quite recently actually and it took me two years to complete.
Oh no! I hope it doesn’t take that long.
Well, just to, not to worry you too much, but I was I was living in France, and I was studying in England. And I’d started my driving test in France and so every summer or spring break or autumn break I had to go back and I had to start again. And, er, I was, I was a terrible driver and that didn’t help.
Well, and you were driving on different sides of the road?
No, I couldn’t drive in England. I was just driving in France with an instructor…
Oh, safer.
…which was very expensive and er, I stressed them out a lot.
Mm, but in the end you have your driver’s licence...
I was happier the day I got my driving licence than the day I got my degree.
Oh wow!  Such an accomplishment.
Yeah. Absolutely.
For, yes, I remember a long, long time ago. A hundred years ago. We had Driver’s Ed. So, with Driver’s Ed, afterwards, of course, I passed my driver’s test, the first time. And… But it was, it was quite easy.
For me as well. But I hear overseas it’s different. And I think the driving is different than in the States.
Do you think that people are better drivers after such an intensive preparation for getting the exam?
I think the statistics don’t necessarily show that.
Because in France, for instance, the driving test is notoriously difficult, but the accident rate is one of the biggest concerns, especially on motorways. Serious accidents happen a lot.
Well, the key is practice.
Practice, practice... Makes perfect!