viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

Vending Machines Will Be Required to Post Calorie Information

Watch this short ABC news clip about new regulations in the US about vending machines, which are to give information about the calories in their products.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video clip and complete the gaps in the transcript with the missing words.

The activity is suitable for Intermediate 2 students.

Now to a food story of an entirely different and slightly safer variety. If you are considering a New Year’s resolution that involves changing your diet, listen up, there are big changes coming to a vending machine near you and ABC's Reena Ninan is on the story.
Hi, guys, good morning, so Dan and I raided our  ABC News vending machine, I have Pop Tarts, Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts, Doritos for Bianna. But the good news is if you like your Frito Lays, you can still keep your Frito Lays, but now you'll know how many calories are in the bag before you buy it.
Problems with said that covers back  by over (1) ...  but now there is a new charge about to drop. According to an FDA $25.8m estimate could soon be spent to encourage Americans to make healthier choices. Yes, vending machine choices.
Vending machines are often the last (2) ... for people. And so if you're trying to eat healthy you can't even read the (3) ... of what's trapped behind the glass.
To help curb (4) ...-... costs owners of an estimated 5.4 million snack and soda machines will now be required to post calorie (5) ... on all of their products. How bad can it be? We grabbed our smoothest dollar bills to check it out.
Potato chips, Trail Mix, how about these hot Buffalo Wing Pretzels, (6) ... calories. Might as well eat the Buffalo chicken wings.
But would you punch the same numbers if you knew these numbers?
And not all candy is created equal. Pretzel M&Ms, 150. 3 Musketeers, 240. Snickers, 250.
Many chains have already started posting calories next to their menu items. In New York City it’s a (7) ...  .
They found that people were choosing 100 fewer calories when they knew the calorie counts. Over the course of a year, every day, that (8) ...   ...  to ten pounds.
Ten pounds of weight is a lot to lose.  The final (9) ... on vending machines are expected early next year. But companies right now will have a year to comply. Dan and Bianna.
I have to say, not just because it's ABC, Dan, but we also have a healthy vending machine downstairs as well. Food, vegetable, Pretzel, Hummus.
Hummus, yeah, I use it actually once in a while, I would want to know the calorie count.
I would too. You are actually quite intrigued by some of those stats.
Yes, I was, I was. I am a huge dork... though that would put me outside of the norm.

1 $400m 2 resort 3 labels 4 obesity-related 5  counts 6 280 7 requirement 8 adds up  9 rules