lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

10 Questions for Carla Bruni

Watch this Time interview with Carla Bruni and answer the questions below.

You can self-correct the activity by reading the transcript below.

1 What’s the title of her latest album?
2 How much did her husband know about the song ‘Raymond’ before its release?
3 Is Mr Sarkozy like a pirate in real life?
4 What’s the colloquial meaning of ‘atomic bomb’ in French?
5 How long was Carla the First Lady of France?
6 What do we learn about Carla’s ‘fathers’?
7 What is her attitude to magazine covers?
8 Why are fashion houses using more and more older models these days?
9 Why do politicians not have much dress sense?
10 How long has she been driving for?
11 What does she wear when she travels by public transport?

Carla Bruni is a model, a singer and the former first lady of France. She has a new album out called Little French Songs and I'm delighted to say that she’s with us at Time today. Miss Bruni, welcome.
One of the songs, I think it's ‘Raymond’…
It's about your husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, is that right?
Yeah, yeah.
Did you show it to him before you recorded it?
I don't really have to show it to him because, you know, since we're living together my poor family has to
hear my music, believe me. He knew it step by step.
In the song you say ‘although he wears a tie, my Raymond is a pirate.’
What does this mean?
There’s something very establishment-ish, you know, with people wearing perfect suits and ties and being very serious and having, you know, important jobs and so. It’s just a joke about the fact that no matter, despite the fact that he's wearing,  he can be…, he could be like a pirate, but this is only a song, you know, this is nothing serious.
You also call him in this song an atomic bomb if I'm translating it right.
In French atomic bomb just means someone I would say looking hot really, I mean, a sexy or something. It's more like a very common way to say … which means an explosive type of person, you know. Obviously while your husband was the leader of France, your behavior has to be very watched. Is it very hard to pursue your particular dreams, do you then say, okay Nicholas, now it's my turn.
It wasn't such a lack of freedom at all, really, but of course I couldn't go and tour and I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to do as  a musician but, you know, time flies so five years flew and here I am and I can go back on tour.
Should he run again, you have to discuss it?
I don't think you can discuss that, you know, he doesn't discuss with me if I should sing again or not, you know it’s…
Yes, but to be fair if you’re saying he doesn't have to come with you, he doesn't have to be on stage…
That's true.
…and when your… really involves you and your children when he's… if he runs again.
Definitely, definitely.
So I mean have you discussed how would you…?
It is not at all the subject of the moment.
You found out later in life that the man who raised you was not your biological father. Have you reached out your biological father, are you friends?
Oh, yes, I met him. We have very good contact and I also have a sister a younger sister, so it's really nice. It was like a plus.
You have been on, you know this is a rough estimate, on about 250 magazine covers. Doesn't it get old to see your face there on…
I don't really look at it.
Well, it's kinda hard to avoid that you’re going through an airport.
It’s very easy to avoid. It makes you a bit crazy, I could say. There's no point to try to control it.
You just recently did some modeling for Bulgary.
Are you surprised to find yourself still modeling at your age?
Not really, because lately I’ve noticed that they are using woman of our age more and more. I think women do not identify themselves only to very young girls, you know, because models are most of the time very young.
As you met world leaders traveling around, and as they came to France, who had the worst dress sense?
Political people, they don't have really much time for it.
Right, right.
So I don't see why they should be interested in that when they have many other important things to do…
That’s a good point.
 … to tell you the truth.
So you're pretty much saying everyone, is what you're saying.
No, no, no. Everyone dressed well, you know, and I don't think I'm so specially well-dressed neither you are.
So you know, and we're not in politics so…
They have a lot of hard work to do, a lot of weight on their shoulders so I think it’s not about the colour of the jacket.
I ask everybody this, what was your first car.
No license, the bike.
You don't have a license?
Still don’t have a licence?
No. Still don’t have a licence. I tried many times.
All right. So you bike around Paris or wherever you’re living?
I walk around and I get driven sometimes.
You can’t walk the streets.
I can walk very easily. I take the Metro, I can take the Metro.
What, with a big hat or…
No, with a small hat, everything that is big, you know, attracts attention. If you put large glasses, big hat…
So little glasses…
…and bodyguards, of course, everyone would notice you. But if you put, you know, reading glasses, a baseball cap, no hair and sport shoes, no one looks.
Really? Carla Bruni, thanks so much.
Thank you very much.