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Reading test: Budapest ruin bars

In this week's reading test we are going to practise the heading matching kind of activity. Budapest ruin bars is a post published in HostelWorld.com in August this year. Read the review of five bars in Budapest and match the headings 1-8 with the corresponding bar. One heading does not go with any bar, and at least one heading goes with each of the bars. 0 is an example.

Szimpla Kert
If I had to choose a favourite, it’d probably be Szimpla Kert. Since it first opened its doors in 2001, Szimpla Kert has moved location a couple of times and has changed a lot over the years, but it’s still the best. Today it’s found on Kazinczy utca and it has more to offer its visitors than ever before. The interior design is unique to say the least. No matter what time of day you visit, Szimpla Kert has got something on offer. Flea and food markets, film clubs, exhibitions and theatre performances are only a few of Szimpla's offerings, and the live bands at night ensure a brilliant atmosphere. A ruin bar definitely worth visiting.

Fogashaz is located at Akacfa utca, district 7 of Budapest. This ruin bar is a little tucked away, but still easily accessible from Budapest's city centre. First opened in 2009, Fogashaz strives to be a cultural hot spot for visitors to the city. Its interior shows the best cutting edge art the city has to offer, being filled with the works of local artists. Keeping with this creative theme, it also runs film clubs, exhibitions, workshops and alternative theatre performances. Fogashaz has expanded in recent years with the development of the outdoor garden space, which only adds to its character.

Close to Liszt Ferenc tér's row of bars, restaurants and Nagymezo utca's entertainment venues you’ll find Instant. Inside it’s like a labyrinth full of private nooks and crannies, with rooms filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful things, like a dentist chair and retro arcade offerings. Located close to tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, hostels and hotels, Instant very perfectly places a great introduction to the ruin bar.

Puder is in another tourist hot spot at Raday utca and neighbours one of Budapest's Michelin star restaurants, Costes. It also acts as an art gallery and is home to many cultural events. Exhibitions from emerging artists decorate the walls while creative theatre performances entertain visitors. Enjoy a few drinks and food while listening to DJs spinning quality music in the cosy indoors area or sit out on a warm summer’s night and watch the passers-by on the busy Raday utca.

Nyereg is in Budapest's City Park with all its beautiful surroundings. Most spectacularly, it has a beautiful view of the park and the lake from its beer garden. The seating area right next to the bar is pretty memorable too, visitors can sit on saddles mounted on bar stools right next to the bar area and enjoy homemade lemonade, a pint of beer or snacks. The crowd is a bit more diverse here as well, given its location. Families with children are not a rare sight during the afternoon thanks to the kids corner, while sports lovers can watch their favourite events on the big screen.


0 Example: Bar or playground? - Nyereg

1 If you want take a look at Budapest’s history
2 Not too easy to see 
3 Noticeable objects there 
4 The most modern and advanced examples 
5 You can buy second-hand objects 
6 You may get lost in it 
7 You’ll enjoy the location too 
8 You’ll feel relaxed in there 

Szimpla Kert, photo: Hostel World

1 No heading 2 Fogashaz 3 Instant 4 Fogashaz 5 Szimpla Kert 6 Instant 7 Nyereg 8 Puder