jueves, 21 de enero de 2016

The right cup

The Right Cup tricks your brain into thinking the water you are drinking is flavored. Simply pour pure water into the cup and enjoy the taste, without all the bad stuff: No preservatives, no additives, no carbohydrates, no sugar, zero calories.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and complete the blanks in the transcript with the missing words.

Let's face it. Water can be lots of fun until we need to drink it. Sure, we know it's healthy but it just doesn't taste as exciting as all those (1) ...  drinks, which means we drink a lot less water and a whole lot more of that (2) ... .
And that's a problem, a very big problem.
So, we decided to put some fun into drinking water with The Right Cup. It's the world's first ever fruit flavored cup designed to get people drinking more water. Sure, it might look simple but it actually took six years of (3) ... and patented technologies to get where we are today. And we believe it's gonna be a real game (4) ... . So, how does it work?
For starters, our brain identifies flavor using two main sensors, taste and smell. That's why we inserted innovative, FDA approved fruit (5) ... and flavor directly into The Right Cup. So, when you drink water from it your nose picks up the (6) ... aroma. Your tongue senses the hint of a sweet taste. And your brain yells…
Orange flavored water!
When in fact, you're only drinking natural water.
Oh wow! It sounds great! But does it work?
Well, we asked ourselves that very same question. So we put The Right Cup to the test with our orange flavored prototype.
Whoa! OK.
You're kidding me, right?
What's in this?
It's not just water. It tastes like something else.
Just water?
It's crazy.
Brilliant, just brilliant.
Now that we know that it works let's meet the team behind the idea.
For years I've been researching and (7) ... about sense marketing, showing how easy it is to manipulate the brain with smell. When I was thirty, I was diagnosed with diabetes and my doctors told me to drink only water but I hated the taste. That's when I came up with the idea for The Right Cup.
After years of research and development, we’ve reached the (8) ... where we need your support to turn the Right Cup into reality.
The Right Cup is great for anyone who wants to cut down on (9) ... drinks and drink more water, which is, basically, everybody. Please help us change lives of millions of people by supporting our project and Indiegogo. Together, we can make a real difference and turn the world into a better and healthier place, one cup at a time. Let’s make drinking water fun again.

1 flavored 2 junk 3 research 4 changer 5 scent 6 fruity 7 lecturing 8 stage 9 sugary