jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Hi-tech toilets and digital taps

Are you sitting comfortably? Meet the designers who want to change the way you use the toilet.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and say whether the statements below are true or false.

1 We don't usually question things we have been doing for a long time.
2 The standard squatting position of toilets is far from perfect.
3 It's important that our hands are free all the time.
4 The designer's granny raised objections to the new toilet.
5 It is possible to select the smell in your bathroom when having a shower.
6 White light when brushing your teeth warns you of a health problem.

When the toilet was developed to try and understand both the emotional and physical connection people have daily with the toilet.
So we all have a very deep-seated connection with this because we’ve learnt it from such a very early age, and my theory is the things we’ve learnt from that early age are the things that we challenge the least.
Our idea is to have all the health benefits of squatting without the mostly difficulty of getting in and out of a position and the negative connotations of squatting in the corner of a room.
Sitting down there’s a muscle that seems to just close your colon and stops you going completely over it quickly. This puts a barrier in place that can lead to extra straining and doesn’t enable you to get rid of everything.
Like most of the top of the range luxury toilets at the moment, it has touch screen wireless remote control, which leaves your hands free for the whole operation, ideally it should be able to control temperature, fresh air, music functions to cover up all those noises that we’d all rather not hear at the toilet.
I had my 83-year-old grandmother on this the other day and for her to jump into it without a moment’s hesitation proved the principle I can make something that is comfortable to people over a larger range from the current toilets we have today.

With our smart-water concept we are starting the decade of the digitalization of the bathroom, which enables us to individually programme water temperature as well as water volume, the individual heights of filling the tub as well as the temperature, it’s all preset and available on the push of a button. For the shower we have pre-programmed three different showering scenarios, lights as well as scents. So perfume is really delivered with the water to enhance the showering experience.

I began this not only for the people with diabetes and… but also for the people who are concerned about obesity. It’s detecting your glucose level by saliva. White light means you’re healthy. Normally glucose is detected by your blood but saliva monitoring with the carbon and all the technology is more a non-invasive way and easy way to detect your glucose levels.

1T 2T 3T 4F 5T 6F