jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

Mother goes through surgery to look like daughter

Watch this video where Janet Horrocks explains the reasons why she wants to look like her daughter Jane and answer the questions below about it.

1 How old are Janet and Jane?
2 How does Janet feel when she is mistaken for Jane's sister?
3 How does Jane feel?
4 Why does Janet  have the right to copy Jane’s look?
5 What surgeries has Janet had?
6 How does Jane feel about cosmetic surgery?

I based my transformation on my daughter because she is beautiful, I created her, and I wanted her look.
With their matching long blonde hair and size 8 figures, these women are often mistaken for sisters. But 57-year-old Janet Horrocks has spent £40,000 and endured extensive surgery to look like her 36-year-old daughter Jane.
When people mistake Jane and I as sisters, I feel great about myself, I feel on top of the world. And it makes me think that all the money I spent was well worth every penny. They would never in a million years think that I was her mother and she was my daughter, and it’s great, it’s a great feeling. We dress alike, we look alike, we have the same hairstyle, we have the same hair colour, we are both very slim. So why wouldn’t they mistake us for sisters?
However Jane has been less than thrilled about the comparisons between her and her mum.
When I found out first that my mum wanted to base herself on me I was terrified. I was not impressed. I didn’t want my mum to look like me. I didn’t want people thinking that she was my sister. I wanted them to know that she was my mum. My mum does not take my feelings into consideration. If my mum’s going to have surgery or do what she wants to do, she is going to do it whether I like it or not.
Jane was against it at first; she didn’t like me looking like her. It was embarrassing for her, but now she is kind of accepted it because she knows I am not going to back down, and I am just going to keep going. I have the right to copy Jane’s look because I created her in the first place. And she has already got my looks anyway so all I am doing is just emphasising, you know, that look again. To be honest I don’t care what she thinks because I am still gonna copy her anyway. It’s me and that’s just how I am.
Over the years I have had several surgeries, the first being breast augmentation. After that I had upper eyes, lower eyes, I had nose, I had laser resurfacing, I had Botox, I had fillers, I had my lips done and then I had another breast augmentation. I never want to look old. I always want to look like my daughter. So to further improve it, I will be, you know, seeking more surgeries.
Unlike her surgery obsessed mum, Jane plans to grow old gracefully.
I wouldn’t do it myself, have cosmetic surgery. I am concerned that my mum is having surgery. I’m worried that maybe something could go wrong or she might just push it too far and look totally fake. But I can’t stop her so she will just carry on.
I always want to maintain that look. It’s just me, I can’t help it, and I will continue to do so till the day I die.