jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Pavlok: A gadget to break bad habits

Pavlok is a wrist-worn motivational device designed to help break bad habits by administering an electric shock every time the wearer shows weakness or succumbs to temptation.

More than 40% of our lives are spent in habit. For most of us, that time is wasted. The secret to transformation is not to try harder, it’s to replace bad habits with the habit of excellence. If you wanted to transform yourself, how would you start?
First, identify the habits that hold you back. Pair them with a negative stimulus like electric shock. Each surge of voltage trains your brain and weakens the neural connection until the bad habit is severed. Next, we place the bad habit with a positive one. Reward yourself when you complete your daily goal. Commit to a penalty if you fail. The fear of loss stimulate your basal ganglia, while the chance of reward motivates your prefrontal cortex. In fewer than 30 days the action becomes a habit.
Pavlok is the first system designed to help you build good habits and break bad ones. Earn rewards when you succeed. Pay the price when you fail. And experience the electric shock that keeps you on track.
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Hi. I’m Maneesh Sethi, founder of Pavlok. Now I know that electric shock sounds crazy, but sometimes crazy works. Like many revolutionary ideas, ours started off just as a fun project, but it turned into something much more. Together with my co-founder Jim Lynch we set out to create Pavlok, the world’s first device that just doesn’t track what you do but actually changes what you do.
Here you see Pavlok in it’s wrist band form, but at its core Pavlok is a small module, it’s small enough that it can stick it anywhere on your body. Now, Pavlok is able to vibrate, beep and even electrically shock you on command. But what Pavlok can do is much more.
Instead of me telling you what Pavlok can do, let me show you what Pavlok has already done.
Hi, my name is David Goldstein and I’m hoping to use Pavlok to get me into a better exercise routine. I’m a cancer survivor. I had a heart attack. I was in a wheelchair for a while. I still have some paralysis in both legs. As you can see I’ve put on a great deal of weight and I’m hoping that Pavlok can help me address all of these issues.
I’m at 65 days out of the past 71 of using the Pavlok system. I am down 7 pounds. My arms have got noticeably stronger and my legs are actually the strongest they’ve been since I was paralysed in 2001. I go and play with my kids more during the day. It’s now just part of who I am and what I do.
You see, most of us just don’t know what greatness feels like. We assume we’re going to do what we’ve always done but users like David tell a different story. When they begin to fall back on their old routine, Pavlok jolts them out of it. In most cases, the old routine can be replaced in fewer than 30 days. People are already using Pavlok to begin writing every day, learn new languages, to exercise, to journal, to begin and form dozens of new habits. In fact, there’s infinite capabilities thank to Pavlok’s open developer API.
I know first hand how powerful small habit changes can be, and I’m excited to share Pavlok with the world. That’s why in we go for supporters like you, come in. We’ve built the Pavlok prototype. We’ve begun testing on users. Now we need your help to begin setting up manufacturing, so we can deliver Pavlok. I hope it change the habits that matter most to you.