viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

Youngest person to receive a Victoria Cross in WW1 remembered

A memorial service has taken place to mark 100 years since Boy Jack died in the Battle of Jutland.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below.

1 Why was Jack Cornwell awarded a Victoria cross?
2 Why did he die about his age?
3 What is the relationship between Alexander and Jack?
4 How many shells hit the Chester?
5 Why did Jack stand by his gun?

The bravery of a 16-year-old boy immortalised in stone. Jack Cornwell was the youngest person to be awarded a Victoria cross for bravery in World War 1. Now almost exactly 100 years later a memorial was held to pay tribute to the East Londoner at the Coronation Gardens in Waltham Forest.
It’s an honour to represent the Royal Navy and all of you here today.
The Royal Marines Band marking it with music.
Jack was known as Boy Cornwell and lied about his age so he could join the Royal Navy. Another young recruit in the Navy is Jack’s great-great nephew Alexander, who told the incredible story of what made his great-great uncle so special.
At Battle of Jutland he was 15 and at the time he was standing by his gun when I think it was 18 German shells hit the Chester, which is a lot and then he was mortally wounded while almost everyone else around his gun was killed and he stood by his gun trying to do his duty waiting for orders. And he later died in the hospital even though doctors tried to save him.
Jack was laid to rest in a pauper’s grave. When the public heard, there was an outcry which resulted in a funeral with full military honours.
A century later and his bravery is being saluted once again

1 for bravery
2 so he could join the Royal Navy
3 great-great nephew and uncle
4 18
5 he was waiting for orders