lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

The articulate hand

Watch this video, which shows director and performer Andrew Dawson. Just don't get worried about how much you really understand, and simply enjoy the recording.

Self-study activity:
1) Counter 00:00-00:45. Sound off. Describe what you see.

2) Counter 00:45-1:30. Sound off. Which story is Andrew telling with his hand?
a A day in the life of a seagull    
b The Apollo 11 moon landing  
c My summer holiday in Greece

3) Counter 0:00-1:30. Sound on. Check your answers to activity 2.

4) Before watching. Put Andrew's story in the correct order.
a Last year he worked as a choreographer on an opera in New York.
b He then got fascinated by the hands and realised how he could tell stories with his hands.
c He also occasionally works as a hand model in commercials and photography.
d Originally, he was told by his drama teacher that he was a really bad actor.
e That led to creating his own theatre show and touring around the planet.
f As a result he became interested in dance and more physical theatre.

5) Counter 1:30–2:50. Sound on. Check your answers to activity 4.

6) Match the sentence halves to make complete sentences.

1 If we go back in evolutionary termsa- the fingers a little longer.
2 Then it became somethingb- that is unique to us.
3 Then little by little we became bipedalc- that you would walk on.
4 They could be a little softer,d- we wouldn’t have any of this around us.
5 We end up gaining an enormous amount of dexteritye- this hand was used for hanging out of a tree.
6 Without that dexterityf- and these hands were free.

7) Counter 2:50-3:40. Check your answers to exercise 6.

8) Counter 3:40–4:43. Watch the final part of the video and answer these questions.
1 Name two things Andrew says we wouldn’t be able to do without our hands.
2 What does he describe as ‘the most magical thing’?
3 Do you notice anything about Andrew’s hands?

You can check your answers by reading the transcript of the video here.

Adapted from Global Lessons online, MacMillan Publishers

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