lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Help Selena choose a fragance

Selena and her fragrance team have been hard at work developing her new perfume, now they need your help to decide the final scents.

Self-study activity:
Watch Selena's message and fill in the blanks in the transcript with the missing words.

Hey, guys, it’s Selena. I’m here to tell you how excited I am about my new fragrance. And of course to thank you for all of your love and (1) .... So I wanna give you guys a chance to help me customize my new (2) ... . I’ve been working really hard and I’ve (3) ... it down to a few possible notes, and I need your help in choosing the right ones. You’ll get to compare several notes that I’ve selected for the top (4) ... and base of the perfume. Not sure what they are? No problem, I’ll explain.

So the top notes are the first notes when you smell when you (5) ... on a perfume. Usually they are light and smell like citrus or maybe fruit. Now, come the (4) ... notes. The (4) ... notes are (2) ...s that create the middle of the fragrance, the body. They really round out the fragrance before (6) ... into the base notes. The base notes are the final ingredients that you smell when wearing a perfume, they (7) ... the longest and usually are the richest, so now that you know how to pick out the ingredients you like to smell, make sure you vote.

So please go to Selena Gomez perfumes dot com to register. The first hundred thousand to help will be sent a free sample before the perfume is even in stores. So finally, a lucky ten of you will be (8) ... out to join me in a fragrance lab to help me choose my final (2) ...  . We’re all gonna be wearing my fragrance so why shouldn't you have a (9) ... too.

1 support 2 scent 3 narrowed 4 heart 5 spray 6 drying 7 last 8 flown 9 say