viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Get up, Australia

Some Australian well-known personalities come together on this spot to share their concern for the environment and climate change.

Self-study activity:
Complete the blanks in the transcript below with the missing words.

Australians have (1) ... to make great challenges before.
We know how to (2) ... above our weight and pull together as a team.
Here we export our ideas that change the world.
Here we (3) ... and protect the things that matter most.
Right here we just turned a (4) ... corner on one of the huge challenges of our time.
We know that our climate is becoming (5) ... .
The greater risk of extreme weather conditions of (6) ... and floods, bush fires of rising sea levels.
Now we have a price on pollution, it means businesses can’t pollute our air for free.
Now we are investing in clean and (7) ... energy that’s better for our health and better for our planet.
And together we (8) ... the best bits about living here, will still be here for our kids.
Important (9) ... like this are never easy and they are often controversial.
But Australia’s future is worth the (10) ... .
We’re proud to be (11) ... climate change.

risen 2 punch 3 treasure 4 major 5 disrupted 6 droughts 7 renewable 8 ensure 9 changes 10 investment 11 tackling