sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

Listen and Read

In mid-July Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers informed about Listen and Read. This is what  Richard wrote about this resource:

"Listen and Read is a set of 54 non-fiction stories from Scholastic. The stories feature pictures and short passages of text that students can read on their own or have read to them by each story's narrator. The collection of stories is divided into eight categories: social studies, science, plants and flowers, environmental stories, civics and government, animals, American history, and community.

Listen and Read looks to be a great resource for (...) reading practice in general. At the end of each book there is a short review of the new words that students were introduced to in the book. Students can hear these words pronounced as many times as they like."

We don't often have the opportunity to publish listening activities for Beginner and Elementary (Básico 1) students, so we should welcome Listen and Read as an invaluable resource where Básico 1 students can practise vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and reading.

Students in other levels, especially those in Básico 2 will also benefit from Listen and Read for consolidation purposes.

Both Básico 1 and Básico 2 students should focus on the stories tagged level A, whereas Intermediate 1 students should concentrate on the stories tagged level B.