jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

The good in this world

Here are a couple of videos that show the good in human nature. The second, which I learnt from Larry Ferlazzo, is an ad, but the commercial message doesn't really interfere with the value of the pictures.

Lesson idea:
Watch the videos. How many actions can you remember?
Have you ever been witness to a situation like that?
Have you ever been helped in a difficult situation by someone you didn't know?
Have you ever helped someone you didn't know?

What would it take to restore your faith in humanity?
Maybe it's seeing someone pay it forward to a person they’ve never met.
Or seeing signs of generosity in places you thought were only interested in making money.
Maybe it’s seeing someone else who understands that it’s not always about winning.
Sometimes it’s just about helping someone else cross the finish line.
Maybe it’s something as simple as a smile.
Or a gift for someone in need.
Or an apology – and the relief that comes from it.
Maybe it’s seeing someone reach out across divisions, across cultures to find new friends.
Maybe it’s finding other people that realize just how silly the world can be sometimes.
Sometimes it helps to remember that there are good people out there.
People whose instinct it is to protect the weak and the helpless to be brave.
People who don’t hesitate to help a stranger even if it’s an inconvenience or dangerous or requires a bit of undressing in the process.
It helps to remember that this instinct spans generations.
That young people can act kindly without being told to and that old people will sometimes give their lives in order to spare the young.
Sometimes it just helps to remember that there is good in this world. Real, honest good.