viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

Levi's ad

This is the official Levi's ad for the 2012 campaign under the logo Go forth (go away, leave, move). The aim of the campaign is the association of Levi's with the destiny of America in this tough crisis time, where a new country has to be built and everyone has to pull their weight.

Self-study activity:
The ad here sounds like a poem recited at a develish speed. That means it is quite hard to understand. Watch the commercial and fill in the blanks with the missing words.

This is a pair of Levi’s®, buttons and rivets and (1) ... and cuffs, and the thread that holds it together.
When the road gets (2) ... and the sky gets jumpy and the stars start falling on top of your head and the waves start breaking against your legs.
It’s the thread in your seams that’s tied to your (3) ... .
It’s the sole in your feet that keep the beat.
You’re gonna be (4) ... , you’re gonna be  (4) ... , you’re gonna be  (4) ... .
You’re gonna find the cure, you’re gonna be famous, you’re gonna be (5) ... .
Spittin’ seeds in the wind, tap dancing with your shoe (6) ... pinned, to the back of a bus at the end of the road, at the bottom of the ninth, with a (7) ... on your head.
You’re a queen, you’re a king, you’re the solo act in a (8) ... show at a six-storey stadium, and you’re proud, you’re a hero!
You got a hero’s grip.
Swingin’ by a single stitch.
You follow your (9) ... , follow the leader, you’re the leader.
Are you joking, are you breaking, are you (10) ... ?
You’re the next living leader of the world.
You’re a kid holding onto the thread that holds it together.
This is a pair of Levi’s®

The idea of building the new America is better depicted in this other Levi's ad.

We were taught how the pioneers went into the West. They opened their eyes and made up what things could be. A long time ago, things got broken here. People got sad and left. Maybe the world breaks on purpose, so we can have work to do. People think there aren’t frontiers anymore. They can’t see how frontiers are all around us.

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