lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Penelope and Monica Cruz on TV ad for Nintendo

Students, especially those at an elementary level (Básico 1 and Básico 2) are going to love this ad.

To begin with, it features two well-known Spanish actresses speaking English. Next, the language they use is within their grasp. Finally the clip help us to revise/learn some very interesting language:

  • Use of the imperative in English: Just the verb form, with no auxiliary or pronoun.
  • Use of the structure Let's + verb to make suggestions.
  • Expressions to give someone encouragement: Come on, my friend! You can do it! Good boy!
  • Use of the expression Really! to show surprise and to show someone we're reacting to what they're telling us.
  • Thanking people and how to react when someone says Thank you! You're welcome!
You can read the transcript below. 

Oh Mario! Let’s go. Good boy. Come on my friend, you can do it, get the coin, get the coin, run, run.  Oh no! No! No! No!
Sister, you need the champion to help you reach the million.
Let’s play together.
You want me to remind who’s the big sister. The last one who loses the bet. Remember.
Really! Really!
Ah ha ha
Come on come on come on, save me today please.
Ok, ok.
Ok, thank you
You’re welcome.
Move, move away, away
Who’s the champion now?
You know what you have to do?
Ok, bring it on. Let’s go.
Buongiorno, can I have a mushroom please?