domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Extensive listening: Life of two expats in Seoul

This is a beautiful film on the life of Tiffany Needham and Erik Moynihan in Seoul that I discovered through EFL Classroom.

The Expat Life is in fact a 17-video series so far about this couple's life in Seoul, which revolves around their discovery journey of a new country and its traditions and touches on topics as varied as plastic surgery, music, dance, night life, relationships, family, animal shelters, culture shock, traditional, architecture,  drinking, styles of dressing, sport, art and cooking, and that you can follow on their Facebook page here.

This is the way their first film, Permanent, was presented on Vimeo:

"Meet Tiffany Needham and Erik Moynihan – entrepreneurs and your guides to the expat life in Seoul. In this premiere episode, they remember what brought them here and the opportunities and connections that made them stay and start up Magpie Brewing Co. We meet Hassan, another Seoul veteran and their business partner. He came for a two-week vacation seven years ago and liked it so much he never left.
On the other hand, Tori is seeing the city with fresh eyes. She and her boyfriend arrived from Canada just six weeks earlier, moving for his job at an international school, and leaving her job as a radio producer behind. Tiffany and Erik explore the Filipino market in Hyehwa with Tori, then head to Suyu for a BBQ lamb leg dinner with Hassan. The day ends over makgeolli in Insa-dong, where the trio of veterans help Tori decide if she can make a long-term commitment to Seoul."

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