sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

The English Effect

The English Effect is an exhibition held at the British Council in London until 29 June. Its aim is to explore the English language in the world today.

The organizers have scheduled a number of events so that visitors can get a deeper insight into understanding the reality of the English language today. These include talks and seminars on English teaching, spelling and pronunciation, the Englishes in the world and many more.

If someone can’t make it to London, they can still get involved online in the activities through Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

As language learners, we can also benefit from some of the material that is available on The English Effect website. Just click on the ‘Economic benefits’ tag and watch some of the videos where a panel of experts from different industries express their views about the English language being the UK’s greatest asset today.

You can also get familiar with some common words in English and their origin by clicking on the tag 'A global language'.

In the video below, a group of people explain what English means to them. While you watch the video, keep thinking about what English means to you.

What English means to me, opportunities to travel, meet people from other countries who I can speak to in in a language, in a common language.
English is a very powerful media to keep us connected to the rest of the world.
Definitely English is a must because English in my opinion is the universal language.
Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Brunei and Rwanda, the majority of them speaks English, which means that students after learning English would be able to look for jobs from the neighbouring countries.
English means to me the whole world, this is my working language.
English means the whole world to me. First thing because my husband is British, so thanks to English I met my husband, then we were able to live a life together.
I wanted to speak English just for me to be… because I don’t want to, I don’t want to be not understand people when I’m in a different country.
English is a language in which I think, and English is a language in which I dream.
It’s little because of music, because all my best singers are from America or from England countries, so when I’m listening to their song, I use to search their lyrics to search new words and step by step I’m feeling better with speaking English.
I think I have plans for my children to learn the language and also plans to help them strengthen the language, be able to interact with the world as it comes.
If I, for me to belong I’ve, I’m not be isolated I just speak English so that I’ve been to move with others, move with society.
English is one of those things you need in the world today in order to function in business, in science, in politics.
English means to me that I have the passport to the world, the passport to life and the passport to information.
At least we can use one language to unite us, we can understand each other to promote our relationship and friendship.