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What is bicycle travel?

Watch this short video by The Path Less Pedalled about the advantages of travelling by bike.

Self-study activity:
Complete the blanks in the transcript below with the missing words.

The activity is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermediate 1 students.

What is bicycle travel?
Bicycle travel isn't about (1) ... .
It's about going (2) ... , exploring your country, and seeing it for the first time.
It's about doing something you didn't think you could do before.
It's about (3) ... to some places you've never been.
It's about slowly (4) ... a mountain,then (5) ... down the other side.
It's about traveling with friends and making new ones.
It's about (6) ... fruit stands or finding the best meal you've ever had and getting (7) ... .
It's about getting lost to find (8) ... .
But most of all, bicycle travel is about people (9) ... stories with other travelers and (10) ... with the locals.
Because when you travel on a bike, you (11) ...   ...  but smile and people (11) ...   ...  but smile back.
Travel by bike. Live more.

Make a point of dropping by The Path Less Pedalled and you will have the opportunity to watch some other similar videos to What is bicycle travel? together with some advice to take into account if you are planning to travel by bike.

You can also hold a conversation with your English-speaking friends around the topic of the bicycle in today's time and age:
  • What are the advantages of using a bicycle to get around a city?
  • What problems are there'
  • What cities have a bike-hire scheme?
  • How do these schemes work?
  • Are you in favour of encouraging the use of bicycles as a form of transport? Why (not)?
  • What changes would be needed where you live to make cycling a practical form of transport?
  • What rules do you think cyclists should have to follow?
  • Are you a cyclist or would you consider cycling in a city?
1 bike 2 slowly 3 riding 4 climbing 5 flying 6 roadside 7 seconds 8 yourself  9 swapping 10 laughing 11 can't help 

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