sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

Expat blogs on Spain

In late June this year, Barry O'Leary, the man behind Teaching English in a Foreign Land, made a selection of the best expat blogs about Spain.

It's funny to see how foreigners view your country and your customs. Only for this reason, Barry's list is worth checking out, especially if you are a Spanish learner of English. An added bonus of dropping by any of the blogs on the list is that Spaniards will find the English counterpart for a number of Spanish expressions and words that have a difficult translation into English.

The comments on the blogs below are Barry's, and I have added only a few of the blogs he suggests. Drop by Barry's blog for a full list and for keeping abreast of the latest news of Barry's life in Spain and his round-the-world trips.

Spain Expat is a website and covers loads of topics. Have a look for a great forum, business, finance, language, legal, lifestyle, moving, working, and technology. An amazing resource and a great way to get in touch with other expats.

The Spain Scoop is well worth a visit for expat information on Madrid, Seville, Bilbao, Santiago and the Balearic islands. The Spain Scoop is written by several expat experts and they cover issues such as travel, food, museums, transport, festivals and entertainment.

Spanish Sabores has a mountain of information about Spain, travel, recipes, teaching English, and expat stories.

Sunshine and Siestas is a cool blog about life through the eyes of a Chicago girl, Cat, who lives in Seville. She covers issues on travel, food, teaching, and she has some great photos.

Piccavey is a useful blog. Written by an expat living in Granada who covers issues on travel, tapas, Andalucia, flamenco, and life as an expat.

Christine in Spain is a great blog about expat life, the Basque Country, food, and world travel.

BCN blog is all about Barcelona. A great blog full of posts about sport, music, festivals, food and drink, exhibitions, hotels and business.