lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Best-selling Author Elmore Leonard Died at 87

Elmore Leonard, the crime novelist whose best-sellers and the movies made from them chronicled the violent deaths of criminals, died on August 20.

Self-study activity:
Watch this short Associated Press video and say what the following refers to.

his 60's
60 years
10 to 6

The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

You can check your answers by reading the transcript below.

Elmore Leonard, the prolific author has died at age 87. Leonard wrote more than 40 novels, many spotting hit movies like Get Shorty, Out of Sight, and Jackie Brown. Leonard died in his suburban Detroit home surrounded by family just a few weeks after he suffered a stroke. He had minor successes with Western-themed books in movies in the 50s and 60s but truly didn’t gain fame until he was in his 60s. Three years ago Leonard told AP that he wasn’t going to put down his pen anytime soon.
There is no reason to because this is the most enjoyable thing I do. I’ve been doing it for nearly 60 years. You know, it was very hard in the beginning.
Leonard was known for a writing style that was unadorned and colloquial. His characters were pathetic schemers, clever conmen and casual killers. His hallmarks were black humor and wickedly acute depictions of human nature.
I think there are more people imitating me that I’ve imitated. I’ve imitated some really, I mean, I’ve learned from and trying to write like some very good writers, you know, from Hemingway on. Until I found out that Hemingway didn’t have a sense of humor at all.
He kept a strict writing schedule working at his desk from 10 to 6 each day, first writing long hand, then pounding up the words on an electric typewriter. Leonard married 3 times and had 5 children from his first marriage. He won the National Honorary Book Award in 2012.
Matt Friedman Associated Press.