domingo, 13 de octubre de 2013

Extensive listening: The retirement gamble

Retirement is a time of uncertainty for a lot of people. It's not just that our health becomes more and more fragile as our life reaches its final stage, but also that our sources of income get more and more meagre. For that reason, it is important to make plans way before that stage of our lives begins.

Early this year PBS programme Frontline aired the documentary The retirement gamble, where they drew viewers' attention on how Americans could ensure a safe retirement, while raising some troubling questions on the way American financial institutions protect the savings of thousands of clients who have trusted them.

Reporter Martin Smith wrote the article The Retirement Gamble Facing of all us, where he wrote a short summary of the programme.

The documentary is a bit lengthy, upwards of 50 minutes, so you may decide to watch it bit by bit. You can read the transcript here, although CC subtitles are available on the lower side of the PBS video player.

Watch The Retirement Gamble on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.