jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Listening test: Radio ads

Listen to five radio ads and match each with its corresponding heading A-G. There is one heading you do not need to use. 0 is an example.

A - A bank
B - Dating agency
C - Parks and recreational areas
D - Prize-winning opportunity
E - Shopping centre
F - Store for outdoor enthusiasts
G - Tips on how to sell a house - 0 Example

Key and transcript:

0 Tip on how to sell a house
Ok, you’re reading Edina Realty radio, so you’re looking for conviction… Alright?
Take one.
Home selling tip number twelve. When it comes to marketing your home, remember the three most important things: Location, location Edina Realties Sold. Sold.
You’re getting warmer. Can it sound like a foregone conclusion?
No, no, no. Now I’m just hearing frustration in your voice that is actually the opposite of what we want. One more.
I think we’re going to go as in your first take, can you play that back?
Edina Realty. Sold.

1 A bank
I’m a contractor.
And I work hard to be known for good service.
To prove that I can do the job right.
To build things that last.
So that one day…
One day…
So one day…
I can open my own coffee shop.
Change people’s minds.
Help build our community.
We all work hard for something greater but in Fifth Third Bank we know every dream as unique. That’s why we ask about yours. Fifth Third Bank, the things we do for dreams.
Equal Housing Under Member FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)

2 Prize-winning opportunity
Crystal, Crystal.
Hugh, you missed your plane to Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu can wait. These can’t. Here.
Oh, Hugh! Scratch games.
When you feel the way I feel, just doesn’t feel right to bottle up of those feelings?
And when you desire something, the desire grows even more desirable.
I’m not sure I follow.
What I’m trying to say, Crystal, is…
…will you do me the honour of making me the luckiest man on earth…
Oh, Hugh! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
… by playing these scratch games with me?
Oh, you always knew just what to say to a woman.
Add some drama to your day with scratch games from the Minnesota state lottery. You could win up to $500,000, lottery players must be 18  or older.

3 Store for outdoor enthusiasts
Dear journal, I’ve been lost for some time now. Last saw companions by mountain stream. Over all, I’m in good spirits, but rations running low. Despite situation, I hear the call of the wild like never before.
Attention Gander mountain shoppers for Brian Singer. Please report to customer service. Your wife is looking for you.
Before closing, I’ll head due north toward camping department.
Gander Mountain is so big outdoor enthusiasts may lose themselves in all the hunting, fishing and camping gear.
If I conserve candy in pocket, I could stay here for weeks.
The new Gander Mountain Store in Janesville, now open in the Pine Tree Plaza.

4 Parks and recreational areas
Mr and  Mrs Martin, welcome to the teacher-parent conference.
Thank you.
I’m concerned about your son, Dylan.
He’s been telling his classmates that he has a giant waterfall in his back yard.
Oh, Jesus!
Clearly you don’t have a giant waterfall in your backyard?
No, we have fourteen.
Yeah, and he knows that.
Oh, yesterday he said that his backyard is 200,000 acres.
It’s 230,000 acres. Oh, that boy. Listen, thanks for bringing up Dylan’s under-exaggeration issue to our attention.
Yeah we’ll talk to him this weekend.
Yeah, absolutely, right after we hit the bike trails.
In your backyard.
Minnesota State Parks and trails are practically in your own backyard. Odds are. There is one less than thirty miles away. For just $25 dollars a year your family has unlimited access to hike, bike, kayak, Geocast plus programmes and activities. Discover Minnesota State Parks and Trails at exploreminessota.com or call 1888 visit MN. Brought to you in part by the federal recreations trails program from FHWA.

5 Shopping centre
So last night Tim calls me.
Really? Oh, oh, you’ve dropped your lipstick.
Thank you.
And he says he made a mistake.
Yes, he did. Oops! Your glasses! On the ground.
Would I ever consider taking him back?
You wouldn’t, would you?
What was that?
It’s money, right there.
Thank you very much. Oh, that’s just it. I need someone I can trust.
Of course, you do.
Your cheque book.
It’s behind you.
There it is, and I say, look what I need is a relationship. Oh, no!
What you need is a new purse.
When you don’t quite have everything you need, head to Galeria. 69th and France, Edina