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10 Questions for Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is an American trainer who helps people lose weight with her workouts, exercises, recipes, videos, and books. Here's she's interviewed for Time Magazine.

Self-study activity:
Watch the interview and say whether the statements below are true or false. The activity is suitable for advanced students.

1 Jillian is reluctant to name any brands.
2 Jillian advises eating Pop Chips.
3 Newman’s own Alphabet Cookies are not a suitable snack.
4 Morbid obesity is genetic and we cannot do anything about it.
5 Having a specific goal is going to make it much easier for you to lose weight.
6 Only diet and exercise can speed your metabolism.
7 Jillian's main mentor health-wise was her skiing instructor.
8 Jillian's show starts at 8.

I’m Brian Alexander with Time Magazine and I’m here with Jillian Michaels. Jillian is the author of the Master Your Metabolism cookbook which is on bookshelves now.
You got it!
Thank you very much for doing this.
No, thank you for coming.
Zachary Phelman from Tyngsborugh, Massachusetts, says I’m an art teacher and I always try to ensure snacks in my classroom are healthy but kids prefer naughty treats. What are some healthy alternatives?
Okay. Easy. Go with Pop Chips instead of like the… I don’t want to bash any brands but…
Bash a brand!
These days I don’t… I have to be very careful about everything I do and say. So the obvious like Cheez Doodles, processed, fried chip with preservatives and chemicals…
I don’t say it, you said it. Then pretty much anything else in that category or genre has got a lot of garbage in it, whether it’s chemical TBHQ, or transfat or MSG. Bottom line is pop chips are awesome, they’re all natural, there are 100 calories in a little snack bags, I’m obsessed with them and I give them the… all my parents and… they put them in their kids’ lunchboxes, they’re fantastic. Another like really simple kids swap, give them so kids aren’t drinking so much sodas, give them Vitamin Water Zero, all natural, no calories, leave of stevia, it’s really great, and then for like grab-and-go snacks give them organic skim cheese sticks to take with them to school and another thing that is really great is the Newman’s own Alphabet Cookies, really good, 10 calories a piece and all organic, natural, nothing bad in them.
Gwen Brandenburg from Reno, Nevada, says or asks, most of the contestants on The Biggest Loser come to some sort of realization of their emotional situation that led to their obesity. Is obesity about emotional trauma, bad genes or poor habits?
Oh, gosh, such a good question.  I believe that morbid obesity is often about emotional trauma and you can be predisposed genetically, but it’s not a sentence. So the bottom line is that if you’re overeating, you’re eating poor foods, some people can get away with it while others will gain a lot of weight. There’s a genetic predisposition, I’m genetically predisposed, but I manage my weight. The root of obesity is usually emotional and then I think the poor habits or a symptom of the emotional issue.
Lauren Schuman from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, says, what’s the best way to motivate yourself in starting a new workout plan or diet?
Great question. Okay. The best way to motivate yourself is to establish the reasons why you want to change and then make every decision with that goal in mind, so every choice you make, you think about the ultimate goal. For example, you know, what is your why? If you have a why to live for, you can tolerate any how, so whether it’s seeing your grandchildren grow up and go to college or looking amazing at your 28th wedding anniversary, whatever your reasons might be, reversing diabetes, whatever they might be, every time you make that decision about what you’re gonna have for breakfast, are you gonna go to the gym or not, think about how is it getting you closer to that ultimate goal. You’ll find that when you put your life in perspective like that, having quality and quantity is gonna be worth so much more than a doughnut, you know, it’s just about being very mindful and keeping the bigger picture always in the forefront.
Dan Riley, from Watkinsville, Georgia, asks, for years I’ve watched The Biggest Loser and over and over again you’ve stated there are no magic pills that will help you lose weight but I see your name endorsing diet supplements. Why?
It’s not an endorsement deal. It’s a licensing deal. What that means is that I work with a lab and doctors, of course, to create supplements that, I believe, help enhance your metabolism. It’s just… they’re all natural and the bottom line is that there are certain things that speed your metabolism in conjunction with diet and exercise. For example, vitamin C inhabits cortisol, which is the stress hormone that puts weight around your middle, caffeine can speed metabolism by up to 6% when you take it in the right dose. Just it is… it’s just a fact, so this isn’t a magic pill nor is it meant to be, but it is meant to help you see results faster and better, like instead of two pounds a week, what about three?
Janessa Hertig of Froid, Montana says, you always push people to their fullest potential. Who pushed you to achieve everything you have accomplished?
Gosh, I’ve had many mentors and teachers along the way. I’ve been very fortunate but the person that started it out for me was definitely my martial arts instructor, and that’s when I was about twelve years old, you know, and he worked with me until I was twenty-one, and he changed my life, he really did, and he demanded that I lived up to my potential and, you know, if I didn’t he was like I’m not wasting my time, so you either meet me halfway or don’t bother. He was the person that really was that mentor, kind of… my mom called it, my mom is a shrink, she called it the good enough father, he was the good enough father for me. He saved my life as a kid.
Thank you very much Jillian Michaels. The Master your Metabolism cookbook is on bookshelves now and Losing it with Jillian premiers on June 1st. What channel is that?
In The Biggest Loser timeslot, at 8 o’clock.
Okay. Thank you very much.

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