viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

Study in Scotland Student Stories: Ankita from India

Ankita talks about campus facilities, her university course, highlights of things to do in Scotland, and life in Scotland as a student.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below. The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

1 How many courses does Anita's university offer?
2 What is Anita's course?
3 How can students develop their social life at university?
4 How much does students pay to get into most museums?
5 Why is Edinburgh a great place for women?
6 In Ankita's opinion, apart from seeing different faces what is multiculturalism about?

The positive aspect of learning in Scotland is the university campuses themselves such as they’re open-plan and they're very modern in design so it helps students to study harder, it motivates them as well.
(1) My university offers two hundred courses across three different campuses and the benefit for this is you can do these courses full time or part time as well. (2) My course of International Festival and Event Management is beneficial in today's global climate. It's not only focused on events, the events in Scotland but it’s focused on events around the world, which can help me develop skills and gain knowledge if I want to go and get a job, for example, in another part of the world.
Social life for students in Scotland is absolutely fantastic. It's the place to be: (3) you have university associations, you have, for example you've got clubs and you’ve got societies where you get a great chance to interact with international and local students as well. And also you can even possibly get a chance to set up your own society and your own club and leave your mark in the University. Not only will that help the University to develop but also for more students to interact in various ways.
There's a lot to do in Scotland. You’ve got a lot of galleries, you’ve got lots of museums you can visit. (4) A lot of them are free-entry museums, very beneficial for students. You have, as mentioned, you have the castles and there's obviously the infamous Edinburgh festival in July and August. You can, you can definitely feel the great vibe and atmosphere, tourists and locals both within the city and (5) also best thing for ladies is the shopping, you can never get enough of it.
There's a lot of multi-culturalism with, within Scotland as well. You… it's it's not about seeing different faces on the streets (6) but it's about experiencing different cuisines and different celebrations within, within one country and also it's a very student-friendly place. They always help you save a little bit extra for the students. Everybody should come and study in Scotland because Scotland will take your breath away. To experience it, come in love it.