lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Listening test: One thing to change in my country

Listen to six people talk about the main problem their country has and match each of the speakers with the corresponding heading A to H. There are two headings you do not need to use.

A - Bleak future for most people
B - Dishonesty everywhere
C - Money-related criticism
D -No problem other than this
E - Our lifestyle is too fast
F - People just don’t care
G - Time-consuming system
H - Violent young people

1 Sunny / Korea – Our lifestyle is too fast
I'm from Korea, and it's developed very recently in a rapid pace, so I think competition is the one thing that people always have in mind, and I hope Korea can be a little slow-paced and relaxed.
2 Tim / United States – People just don’t care
In America, I think it would be very helpful if people were more considerate about others, not necessarily people that they would interact with, but also people that they'll never see. So, if people could try to not litter so much or keep things in public areas much cleaner, or just do things that would be more helpful in the future, I think that would help things a lot.
3 Rese / Botswana – Time-consuming system
Yeah, I wish the public transportation was better, because currently it takes a long time to get from one bus station to another, and the buses are crowded, you cannot really get a good seat.
4 Gareth / England – Violent young people
I think my country is too violent. I'm from England, and there's a lot of youth violence, a lot of stabbing. In England, we don't have so much gang culture; it's a little bit in the cities, but it's mainly violence from fighting, like brawls. And I would like to stop this.
5 Kat / Germany – Money-related criticism
One thing I'd like to change about Germany is how many taxes we have to pay. Some people pay up to fifty percent of what they own to the government, and I think that's just too high, so I'd really like to change the tax system.
6 Katia / Mexico – No problem other than this
One thing that I would like to change about the country is perhaps have a little bit of less violence. Right now, it's a little bit critical situation, but I think that's the only thing that I would like to see changed in my country.

1E 2F 3G 4H 5C 6D