jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2015

How Sporty Is Your Sport?

From baseball to dancing, here's how many calories some popular sports burn for the average American woman.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and complete the transcript below with the missing words. The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

Kids play a lot. Adults, not so much, which makes us (1) ... how sporty are the sports that we play. Are they doing us any good health-wise?  Some sports demand a lot of cardiovascular fitness. Others need (2) ... , stamina but even just sitting, the average American woman is burning 79 calories an hour. Her (3) ... is ticking away, her lungs are expanding, blood is being (4) ... throughout her body. All of this takes energy. She can end that up by going fishing, feeding a hook and (5) ... a line are all small movements that incrementally increase the amount of energy (6) ... . And yes, golf is a sport. Walk an 18-hole (7) ... and you walk five miles. Take the cart and you're still burning calories by playing. Now, shall we dance? Whether it's ballet or that jitterbug, dancing isn't just beautiful. It’s (8) ... -bearing exercise. Fighting gravity to stay upright needs stronger bones and (9) ... . Biking, swimming and other non-(10) ...-bearing sports are easier on the joints. Some team sports demand a lot. Take coordination, time. Other sports, you can do them whenever you feel like it. But when it comes right down to it, the most helpful sport is probably the one you love to play.

1 wonder 2 strength 3 heart 4 pumped 5 casting 6 burned 7 course 8 weight 9 muscles 10 weight