jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Mi city Kigali

Kigali es the capital of Rwanda.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and answer the questions below about it. The activity is suitable for intermediate 2 students.

1 When did the fights between Hutus and Tutsis take place?
2 What is the idea to pacify the country the presenter talks about?
3 Why has the woman forgiven the man?
4 Compared to other African cities, how does Kigali stand technologically speaking?
5 Why did the woman dump her husband?
6 Why is Kigali one of the cleanest cities in the world?

Green and gleaming. A city that is buzzing, but continues to be haunted by a traumatic past.
Hi, I’m Kassim Kayira and this is my city.
The population is young, and growing rapidly. Modern buildings compete with ancient hills for a spot on Kigali’s skyline.
(2) Two decades ago, it was so different: The darkest episode in our history. Two ethnic groups at war, Hutu versus Tutsi, close to one million people murdered in the genocide, including members of my family. The challenge we faced was how to pacify the city after such horrors. One idea: (2) reconciliation villages, survivors and perpetrators living side-by-side.
It was very difficult for me to confess to murder. But after being preached to whilst in prison, I felt the urge to repent and move on.
I was hurt, I was angry, but he never gave up asking for my forgiveness and eventually, it paid off. I forgave him (3) because it was clear he had been forced into the killing. We have been living happily ever since.
We are not shy. We do things in style.
And this is why I love my city.
Technologically speaking, (4) Kigali is well ahead of other African cities but some prefer to do things the old-fashioned way.
These fingers have been tapping out hasavis for over 30 years. They have typed up everything from government documents to love letters.
Exchanges between married couples often contain very interesting details. Some stick in my mind. There was this one letter I typed out on behalf of a woman writing to her husband. In her letter she said that she had decided to dump him (5) because he had not shown enough love.
Once a month, everything grinds to a halt. It is called Umuganda, a communal clean-up, a communal clean-up where everyone gets involved. This is why we are one of the cleanest cities in the world. (6) It is compulsory for the entire population, even the President.
I hate people dodging the clean-up. Some even choose to pay the fine instead of coming to help. It’s in our best interest, I wish they would see that side of things. Umuganda is very important. It brings the community together.
This city has reinvented and rebranded itself for the better. Kigalians are strong in body and mind, proud to be Rwandan through and through. Kigali is my city.