miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Talking point: Bullying

This week's talking point is bullying. Before getting together with the members of your conversation group, go over the questions below so that ideas flow more easily when you meet up with your friends and you can work out vocabulary problems beforehand.

What is the relationship of this picture with school life?
What recent (news) stories have you heard about it?

1. What different types of bullying are there?
2. What kind of person is a bully?
3. What kind of person is bullied?
4. Why do people bully other people?
5. Is bullying a big problem in Spain?
6. Was bullying a problem when you were at school?
7. What advice would you give to someone who is being bullied?
8. What can be done to prevent bullying?
9. What do you know about cyber-bullying?
10.What advice would you give to someone who is being bullied online?

What are the PROS and CONS of the solutions below?
•All classrooms should have web cameras so children could be monitored at all times.
•Bullies should be put in special children’s schools away from normal children.
•Parents of bullied children can sue the school.
•Parents of bullies should be held legally responsible for their children’s behaviour.
•Teachers should receive better training to understand bullies and stop them.
•Teachers who cannot control their classrooms should be declared unfit for the job.

To illustrate the topic, you can watch the short film New Boy about a young African boy who starts school in Ireland, and finds out quickly exactly what it means to be the new kid.You can download the transcript here.